Uptown Has the Time: Tower Clocks Coming to Parking Deck!

Uptown Greenville is thrilled to announce that four tower clocks will be mounted on the new parking deck at 4th and Cotanche thanks to a generous grant from the West Memorial Fund established in memory of Eugene and Vivian West.

Uptown Greenville was notified on November 20 that their application for a $30,000 grant from the West Memorial Fund was accepted. This grant, along with contributions from the Rachel and Jack Edwards Memorial Fund will be matched by funding from Uptown Greenville’s Board of Directors. The nearly $34,000 will enable Uptown to make a gift to the City of Greenville of four six-foot clocks, one mounted on each side of the tower.

“Clocks like these are not just practical; they are iconic community structures,” said Shoneman. “They will enhance the district’s aesthetic and architectural fabric, serving as a landmark, and a symbol of the individual’s, the district’s and city’s past, present and future.”

To recognize the contributions from the West and Rachel and Jack Edwards memorial funds, permanent plaques will be mounted at the North-East tower entrance. A dedication in honor of the clocks’ installation will take place at a date to be determined.

Uptown Greenville is grateful to these donors for allowing our organization to make such a grand and meaningful gesture of appreciation to the city and its citizens.

The clocks, made by Verdin, will be similar to the one shown here. Image from http://www.verdin.com/gallery/tower-clock-photos.php.