GREENVILLE, N.C. – Uptown Greenville welcomes CRYOFitNC to the district. CRYOFitNC is designed to provide chilling treatments that will enhance the health and wellness of Greenville residents. Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy”, is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. Owner and ECU Football Alum Mike Hickman is excited to embark on a journey that will bring whole-body therapy to his clients.


“Cryotherapy has been in the market for years now with people reaping benefits,” Hickman said. Benefits include reduced soreness and pain, decreased inflammation, improved immune system, aid from depression and treatment of disorders such as osteoarthritis. When you step into CRYOFitNC, experts tailor services to each clients’ specific needs to recover properly and contribute to overall wellness. The Greenville location will offer a state of the art Crysosauna and a Normatec Compression Therapy Lounge.


Hickman aims to create a modern, fun, and inviting space that will encourage clients to move towards living a FIT lifestyle. “Being FIT both mentally and physically should ultimately be the goal of any person; no matter where they are in their personal journey towards overall fitness and quality of life,” said Hickman.


CRYOFitNC’s mission is to promote health and wellness for all individuals in the Greenville, NC area through Cryotherapy and other holistic methods. The Greenville location is set to open at 123 W. 4th St. in early December 2018.


Hickman says he is proud to serve in a state and community that has given so much to him and where he can show his pride for his alma mater with the purple and gold NC logo. (Hickman played football at ECU).


To learn more about cryotherapy and available services visit https://www.cryofitnc.com


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