GREENVILLE, NC—The Bodega & Café is now open, bringing the Uptown District and the City of Greenville a convenient, fresh, and affordable venue. Located at 250 Reade Circle, The Bodega & Café provides Uptown Greenville with a full-service grocery store, in addition to a convenience store and a kitchen offering an extensive menu.

The Bodega & Café is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, offering community members and surrounding residents’ complete access to food, beverages, and all other necessities. The store focuses on bringing the convenience of urban living to all residents. In addition to 24-hour service the store offers, there is also a free delivery within a one-mile radius.

“We are excited to add to the growth and momentum of Uptown Greenville,” said owner Zack Pate. Pate explained that opening in the Uptown District provided another walkable establishment for Uptown and surrounding residents adding to the vitality of a true urban core.

The Bodega & Café offers an array of items to its customers, dry or fresh. Any item on the menu is also available to be made vegan. The kitchen, as well as the grocery and convenience store, both use fresh resources from nearby vendors such as: Blackbeard Coffee, vegetables from local organic purveyors in Pitt County, and a retail section offering pieces from local artisans and producers.

For the latest updates, visit https://www.thebodegaandcafe.com or their social media platforms below:

Instagram: @thebodegagreenville

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBodegaGreenville