GREENVILLE, N.C. – Welcome The Keynote Dance Studio, an adult recreation and wellness dance studio, to Uptown Greenville. The studio is located at 509 Evans St and offers pole fitness and Latin dance classes.


Owner Keylynne Matos-Cunningham says, “I am excited to be a young business owner in the area and hope to learn a lot from other local business owners as well as the culture of Uptown Greenville. Bringing a dance opportunity to the Uptown district taps into the arts with its own uniqueness.”

Originally from the Charlotte area, Matos-Cunningham is a North Carolina native, and now lives in Greenville. She graduated from East Carolina University with a Master of Public Health and currently has a full-time job in the industry.


Her interest in the art industry sparked at a young age as she participated in dance and cheerleading throughout her childhood. At her time spent at East Carolina, Matos-Cunningham was a part of modeling troops and “FAME”, standing for Fashion Above Modern Expression.


The Keynote sets a warm and empowering feel with their orange and gold theme. Matos-Cunningham adds uniqueness to her business by offering rental options to locals in need of a studio. Before becoming the owner of The Keynote, Matos-Cunningham struggled to find a steady location to rent out for her to host her own dance classes.


As a millennial, Matos-Cunningham wanted to expand and diversify the activities for her age group. This, coupled with her passion for dance and wellness, motivated her to add to the revitalization of Uptown Greenville. As an East Carolina alumna and a true Greenvillian, Matos-Cunningham desired to stay in the area and transition from a student to an active community member.

The Keynote’s main clientele is over 18, and preferably over 21. The business brought an estimated 10 jobs to the district. Expand your horizon and give The Keynote a go at one of their pole fitness or Latin dance classes.


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