This page is to provide details about the impacts of the Town Creek Culvert Project on street closings, parking, and accessibility in the Uptown Area. Check back in for updates on the project and for relevant links for more information.


About the Project

The Town Creek Culvert, which runs from West 9th Street and Ficklen Street to its outlet between Reade Circle and South Summit Street, drains water from approximately 250 acres in Uptown Greenville. Over the past five years, there have been increasingly frequent problems with pavement failures and flooding at the intersection of Cotanche Street and Reade Circle connected to the deterioration of the culvert, and the load of storm water will only increase with the opening of the nearby Tenth Street Connector.

To address these problems, the Town Creek Culvert is undergoing an upgrade, in conjunction with several green infrastructure projects to improve the livability of the area. Construction began in March 2018, and is expected to last approximately 30 months.








5th Street is now open for regular traffic.

Reade Circle between Cotanche and 5th just after Chico’s parking lot remains closed. The Hodges lot is open.









Next Phases

The intersection of Evans St. and Reade Cir. is slated to close July 29th until the beginning of September. This is part of a larger closure that will include the westbound lanes of Reade Circle between Cotanche Street and Dickinson Avenue.





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