GREENVILLE, NC- The highly anticipated State Theatre is set to open in Uptown Greenville with their first show January 26th, Cosmic Charlie- a Grateful Dead Tribute.

We sat down with the owners Mark Thompson and Pat Dickenson for a Q&A about what inspired them to restore this landmark property as a live music venue.

UPTOWN: What inspired you to create “The State Theatre” in Greenville?
THOMPSON & DICKENSON: We have always wanted to open another venue in Eastern NC. We are excited to come to Greenville because of its rich history with live music in the past at fantastic venues such as Peasants and The Attic. Greenville was once a great market for local, regional, national, and international touring acts. The lack of a venue to handle such acts made Greenville an obvious choice for a new venue. The State Theatre will cater to all.

UPTOWN: Describe your history with owning and operating a music venue;

THOMPSON & DICKENSON: We started the Lincoln Theatre in February of 2000. One of the partners played in a band from Greenville called The Usuals and toured around the east coast playing venues the same size for 15 years. The other partner worked at a live music venue called Lake Boone during college. They both saw a need for a live music venue in Raleigh after Lake Boone closed.

UPTOWN: Why now?
THOMPSON & DICKENSON: Uptown Greenville is growing very fast and we saw a need for a live music venue. The continued growth of the University and Hospital were also major deciding factors.

UPTOWN: Does the location excite you? Tell us why;
THOMPSON & DICKENSON: Absolutely! It is in the heart of Uptown Greenville and walking distance to ECU, and sandwiched between two of the districts most popular and long-standing restaurants.

UPTOWN: Why did you name it “State Theatre”?
THOMPSON & DICKENSON: The theater was named State Theatre from 1930 until 1971 so we wanted to honor the history and bring back the name.

UPTOWN: What was your design inspiration?
THOMPSON & DICKENSON: We wanted to bring back the theatre to its original feel along with a horseshoe balcony, adding new technology and making it a great place to see live music. Showcasing what historic features remained, and/or recreating others, was also inspiration for the design.

UPTOWN: Upon opening, how many jobs will be created?

THOMPSON & DICKENSON: The State Theatre is slated to generate 30 new jobs in Uptown upon opening.

UPTOWN: How can we learn more?

THOMPSON & DICKENSON: Follow us on social media for all upcoming shows.

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