GREENVILLE, NC– Dickinson Avenue will soon be the home of a new year-round market space. The Farmers and Makers Market will provide a retail outlet for a range of local products and art while also serving as an incubator for entrepreneurs.

Vendors will be able to lease shelf, floor or wall space to display their items to be sold on consignment from one point-of-sale location.

The market will focus on products made or grown within 50 miles — including everything from produce, meat and houseplants, to books, candies, paintings and sculptures.

The 3,200-square-foot building, which turns 100 years old this year, was formerly part of the Chero Cola bottling facility. Owner Ryan Webb said the market will feature exposed brick and other architectural details from the building’s past, as well as from other nearby structures.

Multi-tiered rate options for vendors ensure a variety of price points for leased space, creating a diverse vendor base. The concept includes cooperative marketing promoting the Go Local concept while fostering creativity and innovation.

“In a growing Uptown business district, there’s a need for a retail venue for entrepreneurs to participate on a scale that’s suited to their needs, a place where they can work cooperatively to promote and encourage each other,” Webb said. “I want to help retain creative talent in Greenville by giving them the opportunity to make the most of their talents and passions.”

“I also think it’s important for consumers to be able to find fresh, nutritious and locally grown foods in the Uptown District,” Webb said.

Behind the building, Webb envisions Pitt Street Plaza, a unique outdoor space with room to pull in food trucks and host innovative events.

“I want to build community pride and spirit by bringing together a cross-section of the residents in the community,” he said. “From produce to art, this market will showcase the wares of local farmers, artists and makers – the true fabric of our community.”

The Dickinson Avenue Farmers and Makers Market will be located at 716 Dickinson Avenue and is scheduled to open in January 2019.


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