Sheppard Memorial Library, Uptown Greenville, the Friends of Sheppard Memorial Library and the Pitt County Arts Council are teaming up to raise funds to create a large-format chess board at the corner of Evans and Dickinson. An 8×8 board of 15’’ pavers would fit comfortably in the space available with pieces stored in a locked cabinet against the building wall (key available for checkout). Chess is an excellent game for children and adults. A large-scale outdoor format would attract additional attention and excitement to the Library, which currently has limited patron use of its grounds. Outdoor chess has been successful in many communities but currently does not exist in Greenville.

Sponsorship Levels include: 

Pawn $50.00

Knight $100.00

Bishop $250.00

Rook $500.00

King & Queen $1000.00

Grand Master $2,500.00

Ongoing costs from replacement and repair may become a Library expense, but could also be mitigated by private donors if the facility became popular. Equipment replacement programs are available and inexpensive.

Submit your sponsorship here.