On September 25, Freeboot Friday will welcome a band dedicated to channeling the energy and artistry of one of the greats. Natural Wonder, the ultimate Stevie Wonder experience, is coming to town and they plan on blowing Freebooters away with hit songs from the legacy himself.

“We are too excited to make some music at Freeboot Friday with our fellow North Carolinians! We’re going to have a ‘Wonder’-ful funky good time,” said Gabriel Bello, Billboard-ranked vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist and lead singer for Natural Wonder.

Natural Wonder emerged in 2012 when the American Tribute market was missing something great—Stevie Wonder. Natural Wonder, led by Gabriel Bello, stepped in to imitate the complete band experience mimicking the liveliness that made Stevie Wonder a hit across generations.

The band travels the country sharing the legacy and authentic music of Stevie Wonder at numerous festivals and events on the east coast. Natural Wonder is bringing Freeboot Friday a dynamic stage show impersonating the crack rhythm section and horn ensemble that made Stevie Wonder an icon.

September 25th Freeboot Friday attendees will not only hear great Stevie Wonder hits, but will also enjoy visits from Coach Ruffin McNeil, the ECU Marching Pirates, ECU Cheer & Dance, and the ECU Men’s & Women’s Basketball’s teams. These fabulous accompaniments and special visits to Freeboot Friday are made possible by the Pirate Club, who will have a designated area within the event.

Join us for Natural Wonder on September 25th at Five Points Plaza (5th and Evans) and mark your calendars for the remaining Freeboot Fridays in 2015 – October 16 and November 6 from 5-8pm. Stay tuned in for more profiles on our musical line-up this season and more!

For more information, please email Uptown Greenville at info@uptowngreenville.com or call the office (252) 561-8400.