In a new commercial produced by Black Tree Media Group, Uptown Greenville shows that it is more than just the blocks it encompasses.

When the business owners, artists, law enforcement, restaurateurs, families, techies, retailers, musicians, students, shoppers, diners and civic leaders who work and play in Uptown Greenville come together, one thing is clear: Uptown isn’t just for one kind of person, it belongs to everyone.

“Being downtown every day and interacting with the people who live, work and recreate here, I can feel it has a life of its own, and it’s fueled by the energy and passion of all the people who wall its streets,” said Uptown Greenville Executive Director Bianca Shoneman. “It’s only right that we name it, just like a family member. We call our downtown Uptown.”

The passion and energy of those who love Uptown is another thing that is clear in this 30-second spot. Black Tree Media Group, a product of Greenville SEED, a public-private partnership for cultivating entrepreneurial efforts in the city, artfully captures the happy faces one might see walking around the district and the fresh and the welcoming atmosphere that comes from giving a variety of artists and professionals a shared space.

The commercial also showcases the historical architecture that lays the foundation for Uptown with the brick wall of the Brody building as its backdrop.

This commercial is part of a multimedia campaign including a new website, billboards, and the launch of the hashtag “#weareuptown”. These efforts go to show just how welcoming our center city is. Uptown Greenville truly is a great place to live, play, eat, shop and invest.

Uptown Greenville Commercial from Black Tree Media Group on Vimeo.