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2017 Umbrella Market Rules & Regulations

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Thanks for your interest in being a Vendor for the 2017 Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market!
About the Market: The Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market offers a variety of locally-produced foods, handmade local arts, and music on the Five Points Plaza at Evans and Fifth Streets in Uptown Greenville.  Join us 5-8 on Wednesdays weekly May 3 through August 30.

Uptown Greenville is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership-based organization established to develop plans and implement actions necessary to revitalize and to ensure continued growth to the Uptown Business District of Greenville, NC. We encourage all vendors to consider becoming a member of Uptown Greenville to give additional support to growth initiatives and community events like this market.

To learn more or to join Uptown Greenville, call 252-561-8400.
To contact the Robin Ashley, the Market Manager, email or text/call 252-902-6853.

– To provide an inviting, centrally located, space for contact between farmers, artisans, and the public.
– To promote the sale of locally grown produce, plants, baked goods, seafood, meats, dairy, art and other hand-crafted products.
– To increase access to fresh, nourishing, locally-produced foods and other products of local labor.
– To enhance the quality of life in the Greenville area by providing a community activity which fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, social gathering, interaction, equity, education, and help to build a sustainable local economy and sense of place for residents and visitors.

– Preference given to locally grown produce, plants, seafood, meats, cheeses, baked goods, unique antiques, and hand-crafted artisan products.
– No vendors of direct-sales items such as Lula Roe, Scentsy, Younique, Thirty-One, Mary Kay, etc, will be accepted
– Mobile Food Units or Food trucks cannot be accepted as regular vendors due to space constraints.  If you are a Mobile Food Unit and would like to discuss being an occasional part of the market, please contact the Market Manager at
– Professionalism of application for entry is considered.
– Soda, water and lemonade sale opportunities are limited; please contact Market Manager for permission to sell.
– Non-profit booth space is limited and acceptance is at the discretion of the Market Manager. All non-profit organization booths must provide an educational activity. Information without the inclusion of a market-approved product or activity will not be allowed.
– In order to maintain a diverse market, we may limit the number of vendors working in the same medium each market; however, if the market is not full, then we accept additional artists on a first-come, first-serve basis. Jewelry is the single most competitive medium.

Space is limited, so you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Your application must include:
– Completed application (online or paper form)
– The State of NC Department of Revenue requires persons selling at markets to collect and remit sales tax.  The DoR requires vendors to obtain a Certificate of Registration before beginning sales.  This form, also known as a Sales & Use Tax form, is free to file.  Because of this regulation, all vendors must submit a Certificate of Registration Number to be approved for the Umbrella Market.  Information on obtaining a CoR# is at
– Photo of your product submitted to the Market Manager at or via mail
– Payment is collected after you have been notified that you are approved as a market vendor.  Notifications will be sent a few weeks after the initial application opening.

– Vendors can pay a one-time $120 fee to participation in the full season of the market.  The full fee is paid even if you do not participate in all markets, however, we encourage you to participate weekly.
– Pay-As-You-Go Vendors pay $20 per market.  Fee is due to the Market Manager by the beginning of each event.
– Power: A limited number of spaces with power will require an additional $5 fee per market.
– Tables are $10 per market.  We encourage you to bring your own tables, chairs, and table coverings.  We cannot provide chairs.
– Umbrellas are $10 per market.  We encourage you to bring your own umbrella or tent if you need one.  The sun can get intense, so we recommend protection of some kind.  Spaces are 10’x10′.    
– Water: A limited number of spaces with water access are available and require an additional $5 fee per market. You must provide your own supplies to use the water.
– Once accepted as a market vendor, vendors paying the season fee will pay the fee online through PayPal or submit a check for vendor fee made payable to Uptown Greenville.  Vendors accepted as Pay-As-You-Go can pay online through PayPal in advance of the market date or you can pay check or cash to the Market Manager at the market.
Mailing address: Uptown Greenville, Attn: Umbrella Market, PO Box 92, Greenville, NC 27835

All vendor fees are non-refundable.

Complete details concerning market arrival/departure and set-up guidelines will follow upon acceptance to the Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market

– Please notify the Market Manager no later than noon on the Monday of the market week if you DO NOT plan to participate.  Email notification is preferred:
– Set-up begins at 3:30pm. Assigned spaces will be given away by 4:30 if vendor has not yet arrived.
– All vendors are encouraged to provide their own tables, chairs, table coverings and umbrella or tent (if needed).  If you bring a tent, please bring weights to properly secure your tent.  The spaces are 10’x10′ and you must keep your tent and all displays in that space.     
– If special assistance is required during the market season, contact the Market Manager prior to noon on the market day so arrangements can be made ahead of time.
– In order to provide patrons with convenient parking next to the market, Vendors can park in the parking garage and other nearby non-leased lots.    
– For the safety of all, vendors should drive into market area, unload, then relocate vehicle(s) as soon as possible.  Vehicles are not allowed in the market area after 4:30 – no vehicles may enter and any vehicles present must exit.  Set up your table for the Market after you have moved your vehicle.
– Each market begins at 5pm and ends at 8pm.  Vendors are asked to stay for the entire market due to safety reasons and respect for other vendors.
– In the event of inclement weather, the Market Manager will determine if the market will be cancelled.  Every effort will be made to provide ample notice of cancellation.

– Vendor placement is up to the discretion of the Market Manager regardless of vendor(s) being a member of Uptown Greenville or prior participation in the Market.
– Missing two consecutive weeks without notifying the market manager forfeits a regular spot and vendors are then placed on the waiting list for an available space.
– Vendors should maintain professionalism, courteousness, and general decorum throughout the market.  We ask that vendors not smoke within the market area.  If you need to smoke, please move to the sidewalks or into the adjacent parking area.
– Subleasing of spaces is not allowed.
– Children under the age of 18 participating in the market as/with a vendor should be supervised.
– Vendors are responsible for informing themselves of and complying to all City, State and Federal laws and health and safety regulations and are responsible for any sales tax due. Information on regulations is available at and
– No monetary refunds will be issued.
– Vendors should retain a copy of these procedures; signing a Vendor Application or submission of the online application is a promise of compliance with these procedures.

Market staff are committed to making the Uptown Umbrella Market a great experience for all. We will try to accommodate you as best as we can during the market season. We appreciate your participation and flexibility.  If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please visit the Umbrella Market Facebook or contact the Market Manager: 252-902-6853 (text or call)

Please read the information below before submitting your application.

Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market organizers reserve the right to deny any application and may limit the sale of particular items.

Signing a Vendor Application or submission of the online application is a promise of compliance with the policies and procedures included as part of this application.

Uptown Greenville assumes no responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen items. The vendor named in this form hereby discharges Uptown Greenville of any and all claims and suits from damages or loss to the vendor’s property before, during and after the event. The vendor named in this form agrees to abide by the rules established by Uptown Greenville. Anyone not in compliance will be suspended from future participation and are subject to removal with no refund or fee. Applicants are responsible for complying to all city, state and Federal laws.

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