Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market Receives 100th NC GreenTravel Recognition

July 8, 2014

Uptown Greenville is pleased to announce the Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market has become the 100th tourism provider to be recognized by North Carolina Department of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service’s NC GreenTravel program. 

The North Carolina GreenTravel recognition program was created through a partnership between the Center for Sustainability at ECU, the NC Department of Environment & Natural Resources, the NC Department of Commerce and Waste Reduction Partners, and is the most extensive in the nation. Encompassing lodging, food service, attractions, museums, parks, vacation rentals, convention centers, festivals, and other travel-oriented businesses, this free program helps promote robust economic growth and environmental stewardship in the travel and hospitality industry. 

The Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market earned a rating of two out of three dogwood blossoms for its economic development and environmentally friendly efforts. Now in its seventh season, the Umbrella Market continues to raise awareness for both the importance of local, fresh food and supporting local businesses and artisans. “So many vendors at the Umbrella Market already have in place a process that includes sustainability,” said Dr. Pat Long, Director of ECU’s Center for Sustainability, “whether they be food related, wood craft, brewing or jewelry, these vendors are committed to a quality product created with the least ecological footprint.” 

Umbrella Market’s event space in the centrally located Five Points Plaza, allows for the support of currently more than 60 local vendors. This in turn provides an important resource to the Uptown community—convenient access to local produce and meats, craft beer, handmade jewelry and crafts, homemade baked goods and body products, and much more for Greenville area residents and visitors.

Uptown Greenville continues to pursue new and unique ways to utilize the Umbrella Market to promote contact between the public and local farmers, artisans, producers, and crafters that will enhance the quality of life in the Greenville area by providing a community social activity, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging education, building a sustainable local economy, and creating sense of place for residents and visitors.

“We are honored to have the Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market recognized by the NC GreenTravel program for our values that blend local economic development, environmental practices, and community engagement to enhance the triple bottom line of the Uptown district,” said Bianca Shoneman, Executive Director of Uptown Greenville.

The Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market runs from May through August from 5pm – 8pm at Five Points Plaza at the corner of Fifth and Evans Streets.

For more information or media opportunities, please contact: 

Bianca Shoneman, Director of Uptown Greenville | bianca@uptowngreenville.com | 252.561.8400

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